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Get your students engaged!

After being slightly cautious about the use of sticky notes as it seemed a bit simplistic, I imagined at best it would be good to see something visual for the students' thoughts. 

I put a statement on the board with an arrow underneath. "Agree" at one end and "disagree" at the other.

I used this in an English lesson to discuss a character's guilt. I was surprised at how well this starter worked and how much discussion and conversation came out of the use of the sticky notes. The students enjoyed the active aspect, placing their name and opinion onto the arrow. Being able to pick names at random was exciting for the students, as I began to ask questions. It was also beneficial that the students could see the varying views in class displayed in front of them. 

I will definitely be using this again for a variety of starters, plenaries and even a main. It's a task that allows less planning with still rich results when used properly. 
Hannah Tack, NQT English Teacher, Beacon Academy