Phoenix Resources

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Workshop Components

- Filming a news report

- Working with a collapsed text

- Working with key phrases

- Freewriting

The Collapsed Text....seeds of amazing poetry... 

and and And and answer. are are at be bed been before between black blazing bone-ship. box but call calling calling calling cars children click commuter Cradled cup. dark Darling, dawn down Dreaming England fields flooded footprints frost gates, have head-phones home homeward Hot howl I I’ll I’ll I’m I’m I’m in in in in in in in in in into is it it. its kitchens later later, later. Let line locks may me me, mobiles. morning. moves my my No now? of of of of of of off. On on on on on, our out parkways phone. phone. phone. phones Pick plastic please please. radio rails, ring rocking rocking, rubble rubble safe, say say school silenced silent slide soon speaking stations suburban suburbs, switched table. talk tea telephones. the the the the the The the the the the the The the the the The the the the their their them thinking thinking through through to to Today tolerant Tonight Too too. towards towns track Train train train. train. trains trembles unloading up Vodaphone waking Walkman way Where wolves you you you