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Great IDEAS for using sticky notes

  • Key words up around the room on a class's entry - take a post it and find your place; answer your name with it when it's called on the register.
  • Big sheets concept mapping - use for symbols
  • Opinion line
  • What I would like to learn next lesson/what I can remember from last lesson
  • Six word distillation
  • Peer feedback - with mini whiteboards, or exercise books. Try it out with Y10 on Monday with what they've got in their books. Solve handwriting issues by only using half the class's books and having pairs discuss and compose the feedback. Needs a bit of prior organisation.
  • What am I? Use Taboo rules. Have four or five tucked in your desk drawer for the end of the day/lesson/week
  • Collecting group feedback-avoids "they've already said what we came up with" definitely need evernote for this one.
  • Under the chair of the randomly chosen students - but watch out for the gum!
  • Sticking student responses up on image, a text, an exam question